Thursday Thoughts: Why I Write This Blog

It’s been about 3 and a half months, since I’ve started this blog. For several years I always felt God pushing me to write a blog. I kind of thought about it here and there, and like a lot of things, God has laid on my heart; I dragged my feat. Yeah . . . for several years; I’m a little stubborn.

I never really knew what to write. I have a interest in Creation vs evolution and thought about doing a blog for just that. I love to read, but that wasn’t what was laid on my heart. I always liked the Proverbs, hence the name of the blog, but you can only write so much about the Proverbs before you feel like you’re saying the same thing.

I wrote a blog post about a week ago, “Why Do I Do It?” Although, I was writing about why we do things for God, I had been thinking about why I’m even writing this blog. I mean this has been mostly a devotional blog. Let’s face it, I’m not adding a lot of content out there that is far more valuable than other people. There are far more eloquent writers than me.

What had really been laid on my heart was how we perceive the Bible. Many times, we think that the Bible is full of a bunch of shepherds in the desert. In reality, the word was pretty technological. One of the greatest empires was during this time. Some of what the did from a construction standpoint we still use today. In fact some of their constructions are still standing and some cases still being used for their original intended purposes.

I’ve also started to realize that I was very blessed to grow up in a Bible believing home. If you mention a name in the Bible, I pretty much know the story and history behind it. I have been realizing that not everyone has had that opportunity in life.

I’m a microbiologist and biochemist by education, and an analytical chemist by trade. I love science obviously. I love history, hence the goal of reading a biography about every president. As a scientist, I know I have to know the background or history of previous experiments to truly understand the data I’m currently looking at. If you don’t know the back story, you can misinterpret your data easily. That leads me to where I’m going with this blog.

When you realize that the Bible isn’t a bunch of guys in the sand that are in need of a shower, your perspective changes. The government in place in Rome during this time, is what the Founding Fathers of the United States took heavily from. The Apostle Paul traveled a good portion of the known world. He wasn’t some fool, he was actually a well cultured man. What I plan on writing more about is the back story. What was going on during this time. Who were these men and women listed in the Bible. So often we’ve learned history in school, but have not connected the dots to that was going on in the Bible times. That’s what I want to do. I want to help people build a stronger foundation of their Biblical knowledge.

Yes. . . you will still see my book reviews and some of my off the wall projects. The posts might not be as frequent, but I’m hoping the content is far more valuable.


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