We Need Balance

So often in life we want to be super aggressive or super kind and we justify it by going to the extreme. We say I’m just fierce all the time or I’m always a push over. What we need is balance.

The king’s wrath is as the roaring of a lion; but his favour is as dew upon the grass.–Proverbs 19:12

Balance. . . the middle way, whatever you want to call it, is hard to achieve. At work many times when we are looking to hire someone, we want someone with all the skills that are needed to perform the job. We want that well-balanced person. In reality that is hard to find.

There are times that we need to be fierce and strong as a roaring lion. Other times we need to be refreshing like the morning dew. What happens many times is that we start becoming more of the one and less of the other. We then start justifying it as a badge of honor that we are on the extreme of the attitude or character.

We see this a lot in politics. We become one sided, we start to then let some of our beliefs go because we are part of a certain party, until we become on the extreme of that party. As a boss there are times I have to be firm and not be the nice guy everyone likes. There are other times taking a softer, gentler approach works much better. If I’m too much of one, I become a push over that doesn’t hold people accountable, while if I’m too much firmness then nobody wants to work under me.

We seem to be in a world of polarization. Where we have to be on one side or the other. We need to take more of a balanced approach in life. We need to have a good mix of balance in our lives. Work balance is a buzz word nowadays in the workplace. It’s true, you have to have a good work balance. If you’re working too much your personal life suffers which then makes your job performance suffer. Not enough work and we become lazy and can’t provide for our families.

We see balance in our diets. Too much of one thing can wreck our diets and our waistlines. There are so many other places in our lives where if one thing gets out of whack, then everything gets out of whack. How we treat people, how we deal with work and play, how we eat, etc all need balance. If we feel like we’re getting to the extreme, then we probably need to look at ourselves and ask, what needs balanced?

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