Time Part 2: What are you doing with it?

In yesterday’s post I discussed Time and how it’s such a limited quantity. After 33 years of sleeping, 13 years of working, 11 years of sitting in front of a screen, and then about 11 years of other activities; we only have about 10 years of life to do with what we want.

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.-Psalm 90:12

How do we spend our 10 years of life that we can do anything with? Do we pilfer it, or do we use it to the fullest of our ability? Just as we will have to answer for not using the gifts that God gave us, I believe we will have to answer for our wasted time. None of us know when our time on Earth is done. It could be today, tomorrow, 50 years from now.

We don’t have the time to keep putting off doing something for the Lord, for people in general. Many people talk about how they want to make a difference, but then do keep pushing it off, saying they will do it later. Reality is that you might not have later, you might only have today.

I would encourage you, if you feel like you’re being lead to do something for the Lord, you do it today, as tomorrow may not happen for some of us.

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