Thursday Thoughts: Perspective

So the other night, the wife and I were driving home when we hear the loud pop. My first thought was the tire blew out. The low air pressure warning didn’t go off, so I thought maybe it was a rock that hit underneath the car. We drive a few hundred feet and we’re only 10 miles from home, so I thought I would be able to make it home and then check it out.

Then that low air pressure warning went off. Not what I was hoping for. I pull over and get out and look and there is a hole about the size of my thumb in my back rear tire with the sound of air gushing out. No big deal, I’ve changed many tires before. Popped the hatch to get the jack, and it’s not there. Okay, look at the time, and most my buddies are at work. Thinking. . . thinking. . . thinking. . . Oh yeah, I have AAA membership that I got a year ago when we went on our honeymoon. I call them up and they send out a guy and we get it fixed and on our way.

What’s this have to do with perspective?

My first thought was there goes this months budget. It always seems like something has to be fixed right? Not really wanting to pay $600 for new tires. So I was a little bummed about it that night.

Then the wife reminded me of the situation we were in. First, we were actually moving back into the driving lane after passing a car when the tire blew. If that tire had blown out much more it could have impacted my driving and we could have easily been in an accident. Second, we were actually going to be driving our car in the middle of the nowhere that day, but ended up going in someone else’s car. Where we did break down was just outside of town in an easy place to get off without a lot of traffic, so our safety wasn’t endangered. I’m also off work this week, so getting new tires isn’t going to be a pain dealing with trying to do it around a work schedule. Last, we do have the money to pay for it. Yeah the budget is kind of busted this month, but we’re not going without food.

Different Perspectives

My perspective was that this was another expense. My wife’s perspective (which was the correct one) was that God had taken care of us. The situation could have been much worse, if I had lost control of the vehicle. Bad things happen, but God does provide and protect us through those times.

Our perspective can impact our moods. We have a tendency to always look at the negative and what the cost is going to be instead of what could have happened and how fortunate we are. So when things go wrong, we need to look at how fortunate we really are.

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