Thursday Thoughts: How Do We Respond?

How do you respond when someone that doesn’t believe what you believe makes an angry comment to you? Now I want to ask the harder question. If someone responded to you, how you answered the first question, would your be offended and ready to argue/fight?

I have a very sarcastic sense of humor, sometimes my quick wit doesn’t get filtered like it should. If I’m being honest, if someone answered me like I’ve answered some people, I might not respond well. It’s hard, when someone responds to our beliefs negatively. It’s even harder when they’re mean about it. We’re like anyone else, we want people to like us, we want people to agree with our thinking, and we want people to agree with our beliefs.

How we respond

How we respond to negative comments can be the strongest testimony that we have. Proverbs 15:1 says, “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” Many times we think we need to one up the person, we need to show them up, we have to give them more venom than they gave us. All this does is escalate the matter. I discussed Proverbs 15:1 more in this post.

I’m not saying we can’t respond, but we need to make sure our responses are appropriate and not said to stir up an argument. Discussions are good, arguments polarize the two sides.

What bothers me, is the hatred that fills the comments of facebook and twitter from people on Christian pages. That is the worst thing we can do. Those comments can be screenshot and distributed or posted on other pages. Where it can be said, “look at how these Christians responded?” It’s also social media comments that can be filtered. There is time to look at what you post and ask yourself if it is appropriate and if we’re giving a soft answer. I get some hateful comments on here, sometimes my first reaction is to give a snarky comment back. If we’re going to be an example of Christ, we can’t let our flesh be our guide in how we respond.

I try to always respond with some humor. I try to understand that they don’t believe what I believe so I’m different from them. We should always keep that in perspective too. Many times they think what we believe is absolutely absurd. If we handle situations like everyone else, all they see is we’re like them but say we are not. Actions speak louder than words. We need to remember that when we respond.


  1. Arguments does no good. They are useless because they never arrive at a solid conclusion since each party thinks he or she us right. Answer questions by saying the truth but praying for their hearts first that they will understand. You don’t just tackle issues by human intelligence, but from the Spirit. Because any opposer of the gospel is being used by the devil and such people need deliverance, which start from their heart. Sometimes too, it’s best to keep quiet

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