Thirsty Soul Part 1: Thirsting for God

O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee, in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is–Psalm 63:1

Do we thirsting for God?

David was writing this while he was in the wilderness of Judah. During this time David was in an uncomfortable position. I’ve talked about this before, it’s good for us to be uncomfortable, because it draws us closer to God. (Check out my post on Don’t Run From the Difficult)

David here, in one verse, paints a picture of how much he desires God. We’ve all seen movies where some people are in a desert and they need water, they are craving it, to the point that they start seeing mirages of water on the horizon.

I’ve never been in a desert without water, but I remember playing sports growing up. Soccer always started in the summer at the beginning of August. It was always hot and humid, and it didn’t take much physical exertion to make it where my body started craving water. During the first weeks of practice we had to do a lot of conditioning, so we were running a lot. Our coach would only let us get drinks at certain intervals. At first I would start getting thirsty and think “I need a drink”. You would try to put it out of your mind, but you kept thinking about it. Then your mouth started getting dry. A little while longer you started feeling your body shutting down. (I’m actually getting a little thirsty now just writing about being thirsty) Finally, coach told us we would get a drink. We were exhausted from running, but we gave all the energy we had left to get to the water cooler. When that ice cold water hit my mouth, it was the most refreshing thing in the world.

That’s how we should thirst for God. We should contently want to be in his presence, in his word, and prayer with him. When we’re not, we should ache mentally, physically, and spiritually to be able to feel his presence again.

The question is do we? Are we thirsting for God, like David described? If I’m being honest, most the time I don’t like I should. I do when things are not going well, when there are troubles in life. It’s easy for us to go to God then. We (I) need to work on my thirsting for God, outside of the bad times.


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