The Storm Before the Storm

Book Review: The Storm Before the Storm.

August 8, 2019 manofproverbs 0

Here in the United States we think that our politics have got petty, well it is nothing compared to Rome. The time frame is 180 BC to 44 BC. In the Book “The Storm Before the Storm” by Mike Duncan, we are taken through the last years of the Roman Republic, before it became the Roman Empire.

Technology During Biblical Times: Medicine

July 29, 2019 manofproverbs 1

Often we hear that the Bible was written by dumb shepherds. I know when I think about the people of the Bible, I think about people in desolate towns with nothing but sand, and they’re wearing robes. In reality, Biblical times had more advance technology than we give them credit for. This second installment, we are going to look at medicine. Is our medicine any better?