Thirsty Soul Part 1: Thirsting for God

O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee, in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is–Psalm 63:1

Do we thirsting for God?

David was writing this while he was in the wilderness of Judah. During this time David was in an uncomfortable position. I’ve talked about this before, it’s good for us to be uncomfortable, because it draws us closer to God. (Check out my post on Don’t Run From the Difficult)

David here, in one verse, paints a picture of how much he desires God. We’ve all seen movies where some people are in a desert and they need water, they are craving it, to the point that they start seeing mirages of water on the horizon.

I’ve never been in a desert without water, but I remember playing sports growing up. Soccer always started in the summer at the beginning of August. It was always hot and humid, and it didn’t take much physical exertion to make it where my body started craving water. During the first weeks of practice we had to do a lot of conditioning, so we were running a lot. Our coach would only let us get drinks at certain intervals. At first I would start getting thirsty and think “I need a drink”. You would try to put it out of your mind, but you kept thinking about it. Then your mouth started getting dry. A little while longer you started feeling your body shutting down. (I’m actually getting a little thirsty now just writing about being thirsty) Finally, coach told us we would get a drink. We were exhausted from running, but we gave all the energy we had left to get to the water cooler. When that ice cold water hit my mouth, it was the most refreshing thing in the world.

That’s how we should thirst for God. We should contently want to be in his presence, in his word, and prayer with him. When we’re not, we should ache mentally, physically, and spiritually to be able to feel his presence again.

The question is do we? Are we thirsting for God, like David described? If I’m being honest, most the time I don’t like I should. I do when things are not going well, when there are troubles in life. It’s easy for us to go to God then. We (I) need to work on my thirsting for God, outside of the bad times.


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Samson Part 2: Focus

In Part 1, I discussed how Samson wasted his potential that God had for him. Part 2, I’m going to discuss how not being focused on the right things in life can cause destruction. If you missed Part 1 of Samson, click here.

And Samson went down to Timnath, and saw a woman in Timnath of the daughters of the Philistines.And he came up, and told his father and his mother, and said, I have seen a woman in Timnath of the daughters of the Philistines: now therefore get her for me to wife.Then his father and his mother said unto him, Is there never a woman among the daughters of thy brethren, or among all my people, that thou goest to take a wife of the uncircumcised Philistines? And Samson said unto his father, Get her for me; for she pleaseth me well.–Judges 14: 1-3

Samson was blessed by the Lord, but he made errors that led to spiritual failure and actual death. He was not focused on the Word of God. He ignored God’s law concerning mixed marriages. He disregarded his parents God-given instruction in order to fulfill his own desires. He chose to enjoy the short pleasures of sin and express his human desires that were unpleasing to God. He misused the gifts that God had given him.

After his wife was killed, Samson wanted to avenge her death (Judges 15:7). His fight with the Philistines was more about anger and revenge than doing God’s will. In Judges 16:1, we see where Samson’s sexual lust got the better of him, as he took a harlot. Samson also fell into the trap of telling Delilah what the source of his strength was. I’ll talk more about that in Part 3.

As talked about in Samson Part 1, Samson wasted his potential. That potential was wasted due to not focusing on the right things in life and mainly God. It’s easy for us to fall into sin and lose our focus on God’s will for our lives, which causes us to not use what God has given us. Not having the right focus also causes God not to use us. As stated before in previous blog posts, God doesn’t need us, we need God.

So how do we not become like Samson and stay focused on God?

First, we need to be in the Bible reading every day. Being in the Bible lets us get the foundation that we need. Many times when trouble comes I remember a verse that either helps in the situation or provides some comfort. Second, we need to make sure we are praying and constantly in communication with God. This is how we let God know what our struggles are and how he tells us to handle those struggles. Third, we need to make sure we have the right people around us. So many times what we would say are good people, get caught up in the wrong crowd and end up getting away from God.

We should always be on guard, to make sure we’re not losing our focus on God. When we do, that’s when we fall. Just like when Peter took his focus off Jesus, he started to sink. We are the same way.

Being Humble is Not Easy

Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips. Proverbs 27:2

How many times to we find ourselves praising ourselves about something we did or something we can do? We love to tell people how great we are. In reality, we’re not that great, all of our abilities come from God. All of our opportunities come from God.

As men (or ladies) we need to be humble. Let other people talk of our accomplishments, but when that happens, don’t go around and tell people about what that person said, then it’s just as bad as you praising yourself. It’s hard, I know. Just the other day, someone at work made a nice compliment about me. What did I catch myself doing? Tell others what this person had said. We like ourselves a whole lot, an we want to tell people how great we are. Many times we sound like a fool. Most of the things we brag about are not nearly as great as we think they are.

Why should we be humble? Our role here is to glorify God, and if we’re always talking about ourselves and putting ourselves at the center of everything, then glorifying God is not happening. Being humble knows that we have many flaws and that our abilities come from God. Humbleness, is not beating ourselves up, saying how bad we are, but placing the praise where it truly belongs; and that’s with God.

Thursday Thought-Healing Our Hurt

Last night we had our small group at church. We were talking about hurt and why the heart was the hardest thing to protect in a spiritual sense. The heart is what supplies the nutrients to the rest of our body. If there is something wrong with our heart the rest of our body feels it even if it’s small. So even if someone has hurt us severely, we have to go through the process of forgiving. Forgiving is a mental state, they emotions will be there still, but forgiving is us saying we’re going to make a change to heal. Taking this step is the only way to heal that hurt. God forgives us and embraces us every time. He doesn’t say “I forgive you” but holds us at arms length. Are we forgiving like God does? Only by relying on God can we forgive like him.

What Will They Remember?

Proverbs 1:8-9, My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother:  For they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head, and chains about thy neck.

We should be remembering what our parents taught us growing up, if we had the privilege of growing up in a good home.  This shows us the grace God has for us, it gives us wisdom without having to go through the trials.  We should be constantly learning.  We should be instilling the principles of the Bible in our children so that they will remember them in their time of need.  Just like a locket with a picture of a loved that reminds us of them when they are gone, that’s the knowledge we need to instill in the next generation. 

How well are we training our next generation?  We should be mentoring them so that trouble comes about, they have the foundation to get through it.  Nowadays, information is readily available, but it’s wisdom that is needed.  Our actions speak louder than the words we say.  Do those around us, especially our family see that our words and actions align?  My wife talks about how she remembers her dad being up at 5 in the morning praying, each and every morning, no matter what.  That has been something that has always stuck in her mind.  I remember how my dad would always play ball with me after getting off work when he had put in 14 hour day.  He would make time for me, when he probably would have wanted to just sleep.  It’s the actions that make memories that stick with us.  What actions are we showing people around us, and most importantly our families?

Searching and Drawing Closer

Proverbs 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

This is a verse that has stuck out to me for many years. It was the verse that smacked me in the face when I was going down the wrong road, when I wasn’t sure what I believed was true. In short, God doesn’t make everything in his word fully revealed on the first pass. If that was the case, we could read the Bible once and know everything about God. I don’t know how many times I’ve read a passage and the second time around and got something else out of it, and then the third time something else, and so on.

I think this is where we fail many times, especially in our society now. We like information quick, and we don’t even need all the information, just give use the headline, and we’ll assume the rest of the story narrative. This is why news agencies have catchy headlines. Where we do search out for more information is misguided. How much time do we spend looking at the sports page to see what the score was of our favorite team or know the stats by heart of our favorite player? We know the ends and outs of the musicians of our favorite musical group or all the books of our favorite author. We get on social media and discuss and search about our favorite tv show. If you’re me, you spend time searching out some new science discovery. We spend our time doing all this, but will speed read through our Bible (if we even do that) to make ourselves feel good that we did our Christian duty.

God conceals himself in his word, so that we will seek him, we will chase after him. When we’re in a position to find God, searching his word, we’re focused. Just like Earthly relationships, when we meet someone new we asking questions, spend time with them, want to know more about them. This is how we get closer to them. This is how we build a relationship. The more we search in God’s word the closer we get to him. Are you reading and searching God’s word and seeing what he has to reveal to you?


This has been on my mind to do for a couple of years.  A place to put down what I get from my study in the Bible that will hopefully be beneficial to all that come across this blog.  The intent of this blog is to focus heavily on Proverbs and becoming a better husband, son, and man in general through God’s wisdom.  By no means, do I think I know more than anybody else, in fact I feel as I have so much to learn.  I hope my journey of drawing closer to God will in some way positively impact someone else.  I think there will be beneficial information for both males and females, my main focus will be towards men.  In today’s society we see men get tore down.  Most tv shows portray men as fools and not worthy of respect.  God has a role for both genders, and both are equally important in his creation.  God’s word shows us, how to be the men he wants us to be.  We have to be willing to study his word to be instructed by him.  That’s what this blog is about!