Thursday’s Thoughts–Bitterness

How often do we allow bitterness to control our lives? We let it change our view of the world, of what God has done for us. It not only destroys us, but starts hurting those around us, where it then starts to hurt those around those individuals. It starts looking like a pyramid, where we are at the top and it spreads down and out to others. We have to forgive, but we have to learn to forgive like God does. When we’re bitter at someone, we have to remember, that we also are sinners and we sinned against God, yet when he forgives us, he embraces us. That’s how we should be forgiving.

When our situation feels like it’s going to overtake us, we need to remember what God has done for us in the past. Sure. . . when we feel overwhelmed it can impact our daily lives, and that’s when being in the word and spending time is most important. When I’ve felt overwhelmed it sometimes when I realize how much I pray to God that I want this or that, or this taken care of. I realize how I treat him like a genie in a bottle that’s here to grant my wishes.

So when we feel bitter, we need to realize how much impact it has on our family and friends, but also our self. Then we need to rely on God to help us move past it. Happy Thursday everyone!

Thursday Thought-Healing Our Hurt

Last night we had our small group at church. We were talking about hurt and why the heart was the hardest thing to protect in a spiritual sense. The heart is what supplies the nutrients to the rest of our body. If there is something wrong with our heart the rest of our body feels it even if it’s small. So even if someone has hurt us severely, we have to go through the process of forgiving. Forgiving is a mental state, they emotions will be there still, but forgiving is us saying we’re going to make a change to heal. Taking this step is the only way to heal that hurt. God forgives us and embraces us every time. He doesn’t say “I forgive you” but holds us at arms length. Are we forgiving like God does? Only by relying on God can we forgive like him.