Seeing Your Surroundings For What They Are

This weekend it was so nice to get out after a very snowy winter. The wife and I went out for a hike. It hasn’t started to green up much except for the moss as you can see in the picture below. There is something about hiking that calms the nerves and relaxes me. Being out in nature also make me thankful to God for his creation. Psalm 105:2 Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk ye of all his wondrous works.

For me hiking gives me the opportunity to see the creation of our creator and thank him for it. Even after the dead of winter, there is still beauty in his creation. Something to still give thanks to. What I realized is that when I get out in the outdoors, my mindset changes, I start thinking of how great God’s creation is. Then my mindset on problems in life, either with people, stress at work or home, or aches and pains of life don’t seem so bad. When our mindset changes and we start setting our focus on God, our problems start to seem more manageable, an easier burden to carry. Have you ever noticed that, when you’re dealing with an issue and you pray, nothing at that moment has changed, but you see the problem differently? It seems like how to deal with it or fix it is more clear.

It’s good for men to get out in nature. We were created to be the hunters and gathers to feed our family. It’s natural for us to be outside. Hiking is also a great way to get a good workout. It gives you working muscle and can be good cardio. Also, if your wife likes to hike, it’s a cheap date (which we all know us men are up for lol). It’s also a great way to get away from the business of life where the two of you can be together. On the other hand it’s a great way to be by yourself, to get your thoughts together and just think.

The next time you’re out in nature, see it for what it really is, it’s a gift that our Creator has given us to enjoy and to praise him for. Are we being thankful for the little things? Are we giving him thanks and talking of his wondrous works or are we taking them for granted?

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