Searching Out a Matter

Proverbs 25:2—It is the glory of God to conceal a thing:  but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

God has chosen not to reveal all things clearly.  He has left much concealed beneath a surface reading of the Scriptures that only those who pursue Him diligently will discover.  We should pray regularly for wisdom as we diligently and prayerfully search the depths of God’s word.

Why does God conceal a thing?

First, we’re not ready for what God has

We talk about milk and meat in the Bible.  When Paul was writing to the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 3:2 he said I have fed you with milk, and not with meat:  for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able. 

Milk and meat are perfect examples of knowledge from the word of God.  Milk is easy to go down and swallow.  It doesn’t take much work to get it to go down.  Meat on the other hand takes some time to digest.  This is why little kids can’t have meat at first, due to them now having the proper tools (teeth) to chew it or the digestive system to digest it.  Sometimes as Christians we don’t have the proper tools yet . . . the maturity, faith, and persistence.  Chewing meat requires that we are mashing and shredding apart the meat, but then it has to be molded into a bolus so it can be swallowed and digested. 

Sometimes the word of God is like chewing.  You have to read and re-read passages you don’t understand.  You have to think about it.  You have to read it again because you don’t quite understand what its saying.  You have to put other passages together with it to get more understanding, all while you’re praying asking for understanding.  You struggle with it and then some random day while doing some random task, it hits you on what you were supposed to get out of that passage.  Sometimes the Word of God seems like a overcooked chewy steak.  You’re grinding away, hoping to finally get it to go down.

Just as Paul stated to the Corinthians that he fed them milk and not meat because they couldn’t handle it.  Sometimes God feeds us milk because we can’t handle the meat.  We are not ready for what God has for us, either mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  God never desires to hurt or damage us.  He knows the perfect timing for when we are ready.

We learn and remember better

We learn through struggle and we learn from not being comfortable.  If God made everything easy to understand we wouldn’t remember a thing and would not need to lean on Him.

The classes in school I remember the most from, are the ones I had to work hard in.  I had to put effort in.  I had to make an investment of time.

The human brain is constantly rewiring itself when we learn something new, neurons make new synapsis or connections.  That allows us to make better connections with information we’ve learned or studied before.  We then recall that information faster.  To learn we have to struggle sometimes.  We have to ask God for his wisdom when we are struggling.

We build a relationship. . . The most import reason God conceals a thing from us

 Just like human relationships we ask questions trying to find out more information. When I was dating my wife, I wanted to know about her.  What made her tick, what made her happy, what made her sad. I wanted to know who she was.

The same with God, his word is our info about him, we pray to talk to him and ask questions, ask for guidance.  The Bible is clear on what God wants from us.  That’s great, but if we are not spending time with him while reading, then we’re not really going to intimately know God and his wisdom.  How I take passages of scripture now are different than I did 10 years ago, and definitely different than when I was 6 years of age.  Why?  My maturity, but also my knowledge of God and what he’s done in my life and how I’ve learned who he is over the years.  I know God better today than when I was first saved.  If we can’t say we know God better today than a few weeks ago, a month ago, a year or years ago; we have failed in building a relationship with God.

In football the quarterback and receiver based on a look know that they want to do a different play than what was called in the huddle due to what they see on defense.  The only way they are able to do that is spending time on the field with each other to build a relationship.  It doesn’t happen overnight. 

By not revealing everything to us, God makes it easy for us to seek him.  To build that relationship with him and to lean upon him for knowledge.

Why is it important that we search out a matter?

Just as a house’s foundation will need maintenance over the years due to wear and tear and from the stresses from sustaining the houses weight.  Our spiritual foundation needs to have maintenance too.  We are faced everyday with our beliefs being challenged.

We hear all the time devil is the author of confusion, which means that the world is completely confused. All you have to do is look at the comments on news stories, social media, on anything to do with God, Christianity. They’re full of vial and half truths.                

It seems you have two groups:  First you have the group that will flat out mock God and say he doesn’t exist due to this or that.  For example, every time a hurricane occurs you hear some people say if God was so good why do we have natural disasters?  Then you have the group of people that sound knowledgeable but honestly are so off base on their doctrine it’s not funny.  It’s not funny because people believe it because it’s on the internet and they don’t do their research.

Paul says in Romans 12:2 “And be not conformed to this world:  but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”  we’re not of this world () so what the world says, we need to be very careful with what we believe and accept as truth.  As the world is slowly destroying our beliefs.

How has the world slowly destroyed our beliefs


Only approximately 33% of Protestant Evangelicals believe humans today are the same as in the beginning (didn’t evolve)

In a very overview of evolution it states what we started out as amoeba (single cell organisms) then mutated their way to another animal that then down the line became an ape that then became a human.  There are several variations.  Not one concise explanation. . . unlike God created the world in 7 days.

We get told that there are fossils of the cross link between monkeys and humans “huminids” that go back 3.3 million years

 Once again it’s bad science. . . .most famous skeletal link is named Lucy

Scientists, didn’t date the bones, but dated the volcanic ash above it.  Other skeletal “huminids” have had their radiocarbon dating thrown out because quote unquote “scientists didn’t like the dates they got”.  So they kept retesting until they got something they liked.  I will not go into radiocarbon dating and how badly flawed it is, but the fact you can keep retesting and get different enough ages for bones for them to accept them while throwing other dates out, is a good sign it is not a robust test. Then in 2015 when studying the Lucy bones a scientist studying the bones realized one of the bones was a baboon bone.

This is the type of assumptions this world is making to prove there is no God.  If the world can take out God that makes life have no value, that there is no reason to be here.  Evolution says we’re a bunch of mistakes, where God’s word says we were made in his image.

Big Bang

Yes a second theory on how we wound up on Earth.  Just to let you know, evolution and big bang are two different theories many try to say it’s the same, but it’s not.  The world can’t even have one concise theory on how we came to exist.

Big Bang violates the laws of physics, the same laws that same scientist say can’t be deviated from.  World’s way is we can change the rules when it is convenient, when we need to take God out of the picture.

To be a law, it has to be proven time after time? Yet more and more it seems the world excepts a theory, that violates the laws of physics, and you get scolded if you say it’s just a theory.

Why am I emphasizing the use of laws and theory.  Because over time, people have misused the use of theory making it the same as law.  This is why we need to search out a matter.  For this same reason, this is why there are debates over the correct version of the Bible.  This is why when we’re reading our Bible it’s good to look at the words and what their meanings are, so that we don’t change the meaning and therefore the meaning of the text.

The world tries to say that something was here even though something had to create the gases in order to create the big boom, which violated the laws of physics, but this random chaos created a universe that has order.  Instead of there is God that is not the author of confusion.  He put in standards/laws that everything follows, which is the reason there is order in creation.  The world wants us to believe again we are mistakes.

Over the years science has thought that processes were random, as we get more advanced we realize that what we thought was random is not random but organized, follows a pattern.

Science used to think electrons in an atom floated all willy nilly, we now know that there is order to them, they go around the nucleus of the atom.  Even further they are in certain areas of that rotation that can be calculated.  I took a class where we calculated the probability of electrons being in one area.  Our world is very structured, not chaos.

Evolution and big bang are confusion

It’s bad science. Nowhere else in the science world would the evidence and conclusions that evolution and big bang have, would not hold up, yet most this world believes it.  The Bible is mocked because “shepherds” wrote it, but the science world will take hieroglyphics and take all sorts of liberties and describing what people were doing or thinking then instead of using the Bible that explains itself.  If it didn’t say Holy Bible on the front and give clear and concise instruction contrary to the world, it would be claimed as the greatest historical document in the world.

When you question these individuals that have really bought in to the evolution and big bang they get defensive.  There is something to say about those who get defensive about being questioned.  Usually don’t have confidence in what they are defending.  The also defer to other people that believe in it as a defense.  Dr. so and so was a believer in this.  Dr X said that evolution took this route.  They describe adaptation as evidence, but not evolution of one species turning into another species.

Just like at work, I can usually tell when someone doesn’t quite know what’s going on with their projects or have legitimate reasons why projects are late.  I start asking some questions and they start getting a little defensive on why it is late and the reasoning.  They also start deferring to other people for why something wasn’t done a certain way.  Oh you will have to ask so and so why that happened.  The more fluff the more to hide.  When someone has valid reasons for why something happened, they’re very straight forward.  That’s what we have with God, straightforward, this is who I am, and this is how the Universe was brought into existence. 

Why Does This Matter

Even in Christianity you have Christians or people who say they are Christians, saying the Bible doesn’t really mean 7 days in Genesis.  People will say it doesn’t matter if it was 7 days or those days were symbolic.  This is very key.  John 1:1 says “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”   So it’s either literal 7 day creation or not.  If it is not that means God Word is not the full truth, and if it’s not the full truth there is no point in being here tonight, or any Sunday.  No point in reading the Bible and trying to live by it.  The world wants to chip away at God’s truths and if they can make where even Christians state that the Bible isn’t all correct, they can point out to the world even Christians don’t believe this and make the rest of the world think he’s just a fairy tale and not worth looking into.

So why have I went on and on about evolution and big bang?  We’re the Sunday night crowd, we know our Bible.  So if you’ve got bored with all the science the past few minutes, here is what needs to be listened to.

 Here’s A story of someone I knew showing what can happen to anyone.

His dad is a Baptist preacher.  He grew up in church his whole life.  He knew the Bible stories by heart.  When he was exiting college he was starting to get away from God.  At that time he was not in his Bible, he was not seeking God’s will and trying to build his relationship with him.  One day he was reading a book about how every culture had gods and that Christianity took from all of those cultures and that Christianity was no more true than the other cultures gods.  He remembered sitting there and starting to really wonder if everything he was thought growing up was true or not true. He was a little shell shocked.  He didn’t know what he really believed and why.  At this time he would still randomly read a Proverbs here and there during this time, still clinging some to what he was thought over the years.  He read Proverbs 25 and in verse two “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing:  but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.”  He started remembering all the times God had been there with him and worked in his life where it was only God who could have done it.  There were a couple of times walking away from car accidents that he  shouldn’t have or even worse should have been dead, his house being surrounded by fire within less than 10 feet.  We’re talking flames taller than the house, due to the neighbor’s field fire getting out of control.  The house was never damaged.  Another time Sneaking out of the house to get his tricycle off the moving truck, but ended up missing the ramp and slamming his face into the landscaping brick.  If he wouldn’t have landed where he did, the doctors said he would have had brain damage or if he had hit lower he would have smashed his voice box and probably not be able to talk.  So many memories came back, some that he hadn’t thought of for years, on how God had been there for him.  He remember having a calm voice say, do your research on if I’m real.  Look at the evidence.  For the next 2-3 weeks he was reading everything he could on the evidence for and against evolution/big bang and the other theories.  Also the evidence for God.  The evidence for the global flood.  After that he knew where the truth was and that was with God’s explanation, not the world’s. 

That story is personal to me, because it was me.  If you looked at how I grew up and was raised you would think I had no excuse for questioning my beliefs.  But I was not searching the truth that first, second, or third time my beliefs were challenged.  Over time my Biblical foundation had eroded.

We will know our favorite sports team or player stats, we will spend hours looking up stuff for our hobbies, we’ll even look up stuff that we don’t care about just to kill time.

But when we see something that doesn’t quite go with what the Bible says or with our beliefs we ignore it and move on.  But over time we start to question is that true.  This might be a small chip from our foundation.  Over time those little chips from our spiritual foundation start to amount to a large cavity.  Cavities will look small on the outside but the destruction on the inside is far worse, and one day that foundation caves in.  Then we start to believe what the world says. 

Going to church every Sunday is not enough to keep our spiritual foundation well kept.  Expecting the pastor to give us our Biblical dose each week is not going to keep our foundation maintained.  In order to keep our spiritual foundation well maintained it is our responsibility to read the Bible, to study the word.  We have to put in the time and effort to learn more about God and build our relationship with him.

There is no excuse for us now-a-days for not doing our research.  It’s not like we have to use those things called libraries.  We can google almost any question and put “Bible verse” behind it, and you get a list of verses to start your research.

In Hosea 4:6 it says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me:  seeing thou has forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”

Lack of knowledge will destroy us.  Not knowing Jesus as our Lord and savior will destroy us.  Not taking the time to know who God is, his love his mercy, his will for our lives will destroy us.  The world wants to chip away at our foundation at our beliefs.  There are many things said that sound biblical by the world, many people that pose as Christians that spew garbage.  It is our responsibility to fact check them. 

If we are truly trying to searcheth out a matter.  We’re reading our Bible, we’re trying to truly understand God’s meaning, and we’re praying for understanding and wisdom.  If we don’t understand a verse, we don’t skip it and move on.  Not going through the motions to make ourselves fill good.  If we are really seeking God, He will reveal his wisdom in matters we are searching, when he knows we are ready.  There might be passages we understand right away, there might be passages that take us days/weeks/years to understand.  There might be passages we never fully understand.  But if we’re searching for the truth, we will have a knowledge of God, we will have a relationship with God and that’s far more valuable than facts.  To truly searcheth out a matter is to passionately seek out God and his wisdom.

So in ending, the question is:  Are we willing to search God’s word not only when our beliefs are challenged, but all the time?  Are we willing to make that time?  Are we willing to jeopardize our future relationship with God because of our laziness?


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