Thirsty Soul Part 5: Routine With God

The past week I’ve discussed about having a thirst for God, praising God, remembering God, and having a fear of God. Today I want to talk about having a routine with God.

Having a routine with God

What I have talked about the past four days, I’ve talked about how to have a thirsty soul. The most important is to have a fear of God. We have that great respect for God theothers attributes (praise, thirst, and remember) of a thirsty soul will fall into place, most of the time.

There will always be times that we don’t feel like being with God. We are emotional creatures and at times it’s hard to feel like praising God. We may not feel like remembering what God has done for us. Doing something else seems more rewarding or we feel like being in a sulky mood.

That’s why we have to make a routine to spend time with God. If we have that time that we always spend with God, it makes it easier for us to thirst for Him even when our flesh doesn’t want to. We are creatures of habit, and having that trigger of this is the location I spend time with God or this is the time I spend time with Him makes it easier. It’ll be easier to praise him, it will be easier to remember what he has done for us.

Personally, I like to get up a little early before the wife does. The dog isn’t up yet, the house is quiet. It’s just God and I and I can focus on him better. It allows me to start my day with God. When I don’t take have my time with God in the morning, my day seems to sluggishly.

Doing a prayer journal is a great way to remember the things God has done for us and praise Him. Remember, when David wrote Psalm 63, he was on the run. He could have been sulking in his condition, but he chose to praise God. How much we can learn from David?


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