Paul’s Testimony Part 3: Recognizing Grace

Grace is everything God does for us, even though we are not worthy of anything. To have a testimony, we must recognize grace God has given us.

And the grace of our Lord was exceeding abundant with faith and love which is in Christ Jesus–1 Timothy 1:14

I don’t believe that words are just randomly put together in the Bible on accident. Look at the two words “exceeding” and “abundant”. Normally, we would not put those two words together. We would say that they mean the same thing. Often we will say that something exceeded expectations, meaning well beyond what we expected. Abundant means many, more than what is needed for our needs. So in this verse, it is saying God’s grace is beyond what is already more than what is needed.

I really think this is one of the most powerful verses in the Bible. Not only does it say that God gives us grace when we love Jesus and put our faith in Him, but he does it beyond what we can imagine. All while, Paul wrote 1 Timothy after his first imprisonment. Here is a man that just got out of Roman prison, saying God’s grace is far beyond anything we can comprehend. How does that happen? Paul recognized that he was nothing without God. That God is always in control. God has a perfect plan, using non-perfect people, well beyond what they thought they were ever capable of.

Here is a man that was at one time persecuting Christians, now being sent over a good chunk of the known world at the time, probably reaching more people than anyone has. Yeah. . . God can use anyone. We have no excuse. We look at our lives and think about all the things that are wrong and how they should be better. Paul looked at his life and all the things that were good and how he didn’t deserve any of it. How we see God’s presence, is due to our perspective.

Ending this series (see Part 1 and Part 2) on Paul’s testimony, if we’re going to have any sort of a testimony we must remember that God has done more for use than we ever deserve. If the only thing we have is our salvation, it is more than we deserve. We will never meet perfection like God and therefore do not deserve Heaven. We can never have any sort of testimony if we do not recognize the grace God has shown us.


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