Preserve me, O God: for in thee do I put my trust.–Psalm 16:1

Two nights ago, the three pictures of the tornadoes above impacted my family somehow. My wife and I, her parents, and my parents all live in different locations, yet last night we were all impacted by tornadoes. Thankfully we were all okay and we didn’t have any property damage. Unfortunately, there were some that did, but there were no deaths.

I’m thankful for the protection, that God showed to my family and I. There is something humbling in the fact that you can’t control the weather. You can’t make it stop. All you can do is rely on God and ask for his protection.

The night of these storms, before they started, we had our small group; we had got on the topic of God’s protection. One of the things that came up was, how many times has God protected us from something and we don’t even know it. A storm comes through or you barely miss a car wreck it’s easy to thank God for protecting us, because we experienced something, we can visually see the protection God gave us.

How often do we thank God for the protection he gives us without knowing he has protected us? Maybe when the traffic light was yellow and you could have made it through, but the car in front of you stopped. We get frustrated, but what if that was God protecting us so we didn’t get into a wreck at the next intersection?

My opinion is that we get protected a lot more than what we think. We are probably completely unaware at how made times God intercedes into events to protect us. Just as I’m grateful that he protected my family two days ago, I’m also thankful for the protection he gives me that I’m unaware of.

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