Product Review: Dewalt Table

First and foremost. . . I’m am a Dewalt tool guy. They seem to last and they are dependable. This table saw is no different.

A few years ago, I started getting into woodworking, I also moved from an apartment to my own house. All that meant was I had justification to start buying some power tools. One of my first purchases was this table saw.

One of the things I like about this saw is it is light weight. I’ve handled quite a few table saws and they all seem a little heavy and sometimes awkward to handle. This one has places all over the thing to easily grab it and go. Easily fits in a trunk or the backseat of a vehicle.

I’ve ripped all sorts of different boards on this saw and I’ve never really had it bind up. Only a couple times has it bound up, and that was my doing. Has a nice hookup port for your shop-vac so you don’t have sawdust going all over. The fence works well and locks nicely. Can easily make angle cuts.

If you’re looking at getting into woodworking or need a nice table saw to do some around the house tasks that can easily be put away, this would be a good table saw for you. It doesn’t have a lot of space on the table, but I’ve always been able to manage with no issues and I’ve cut plywood sheets using it. This saw also has around a 4.6 out of 5 rating on most sites, so that’s pretty solid. Like I said, it’s worked well for me the last 5 or so years.


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