Thirsty Soul Part 2: Praising God

In Part 1 on the Thirsty Soul series, I discussed how we need to be longing or thirsting after God, just as we thirst after water when we are extremely thirsty. Today we will discuss praising God.

Praising God

Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee. Thus will I bless thee while I live: I will lift up my hands in thy name.–Psalm 63:3-4

It’s easy to praise God when times are good. We thank him for our health, our house, our food, our money/job, our junk; and at the end say we praise him for how good he is to us. What about when our health is failing, paying the mortgage becomes hard, our money is tight, and we’re having to sell some of our possessions? Do we praise Him then?

The simple answer is probably not. I personally end up whining like a little child, because I don’t want to be uncomfortable, I don’t want to put my fate in God’s hands, but do life on my own.

Reality is, even if our life seems to be falling apart, we are still blessed. If you’re reading this, you have either a computer, phone, or tablet. That’s far better than many in this world. Most of us have the ability to use all of our limbs, we have access to healthcare facilities, and although we may not like what is in the refrigerator we still have food to eat. In just those items, we are extremely blessed and should be praising God for his blessings.

We should praise him for sending His son to die on the cross for us, so that we do not have to spend eternity in hell. No matter what else goes wrong in our life, even if everything in our life goes wrong; the fact that we do not have to spend eternity in hell is reason enough for us to praise God.

As mentioned, it’s easy to praise God in the good times, but we need to be mindful to praise Him during the bad times. Many times our bad times are being used to either strengthen us or shape us to be more like him.


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