Our Foundation

This weekend it was finally nice out, so I was starting to get the itch to do some yard work. I noticed the retaining wall I had built a couple of years ago for the garden was starting to fall back in and was very uneven. When I started taking off the landscaping bricks, the ground was mush and the bottom row of bricks had sunk into the ground and were tilted back. My foundation was mush and couldn’t uphold the weight of everyday pressure. Although I had laid down some pea gravel a few years ago for those bricks to sit on, those tiny pieces of rock were not enough to handle the day to day pressure.

That’s a lot like our spiritual life. We do some Bible reading here or there. We pray sometimes at a meal or when our day is going bad. Church attendance happens when we don’t have anything better going on. I get it. . . we have busy schedules and we intend to do the right thing.

Men. . . we have to be building a good foundation for our spiritual life. If we don’t, just like what happened to my wall, the foundation will give way. The wall against sin will start to get uneven, sections will cave in, until the whole wall collapses and there is no defense against the adversary. Just like the picture at the top shows, we need a good solid foundation, we need solid rock to build on. How do we build that foundation?

We have to be in the word of God. We need to be regularly praying. We need to be in the church pew. We need to be keeping our thoughts on God. We need to choose our friends wisely.

After getting married my whole routine was thrown off and I could actually feel that my relationship with God was not the same. After a few months of marriage, I started getting up early before my wife did. That gave me time to read my Bible and pray, without any interruptions. My wife noticed that I was handling the stress of my job better. I was better prepared for the day and the pressures that would come. My mindset was on God first thing in the morning. That helps my thought life so I’m not letting the enemy penetrate my defense.

Without building a good foundation, we can never grow in our spiritual life. Some issue will always come along and destroy our weak wall and we’ll have to start over again. Our spiritual growth is just like math, you can’t do calculus, without the years of learning how to do addition/subtraction, then multiplication/division, then algebra, and finally calculus. We start with the basics, build on that, and then build on that, and continue to add on. However, all this knowledge does nothing, if there is no foundation to hold it. Make the investment to build a strong foundation, so your wall can withstand the pressure over time.

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