No Soda Challenge After 1 Month

It’s been 4 weeks since I stopped drinking soda. No one has been too badly hurt, joking. Here are my previous posts about why I was stopping the consumption of soda (Post 1 and Post 2)

How do I feel physically?

I really do feel good. I fall asleep a lot faster now, we’re talking within minutes, and sleep through the night. My REM sleep has increased substantially, according to my Fitbit. More REM sleep means that your brain processes memories better, which allows for more clarity.

If I don’t eat properly I will start to feel more tired. I had that before, but I would then down a soda. Now it helps me to eat better so I don’t get tired. All in all, I feel like I do have more energy. To help with that 2 o’clock drag where you feel like you don’t have as much energy, I’ve been using some of that Mio stuff you squirt into your water that has B vitamins in it. That has really helped.

I’ve also lost about 7 pounds, since I haven’t been drinking soda. So that’s always a plus too.


I feel like my mind is much more clearer, even if I start to get tired, my thought process is still clear. My mood is much better, since coming off the soda. Even when it gets stressful at work.

Now what?

Now the wife and I are going to start cutting out some of the sugar in our diet. When we start it, I’ll do a post about it and what sugar does to our bodies.

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