This has been on my mind to do for a couple of years.  A place to put down what I get from my study in the Bible that will hopefully be beneficial to all that come across this blog.  The intent of this blog is to focus heavily on Proverbs and becoming a better husband, son, and man in general through God’s wisdom.  By no means, do I think I know more than anybody else, in fact I feel as I have so much to learn.  I hope my journey of drawing closer to God will in some way positively impact someone else.  I think there will be beneficial information for both males and females, my main focus will be towards men.  In today’s society we see men get tore down.  Most tv shows portray men as fools and not worthy of respect.  God has a role for both genders, and both are equally important in his creation.  God’s word shows us, how to be the men he wants us to be.  We have to be willing to study his word to be instructed by him.  That’s what this blog is about!

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