Friends You Keep

Proverbs 1:10:  My son if sinners entice thee consent thou not. 

This is so straight forward, but so often we fail to adhere to it.  When people’s sins look enticing to us we must not get sucked into it.  We must be like Joseph, with Potipher’s wife where he didn’t even stick around to be enticed.  It would have been easy for him to go down that slippery slope.  But how good are we at that?  If we want to keep from getting caught up in sin, we have to stay clear from it.  This sometimes means we have to lose friends.  We all have some friends that have questionable actions.  I’ve been there, where I was not living the best life for God, and at one point had to make the choice that it was better to part ways.  Your true friends will be happy for you they you are trying to improve, those are the friends you need to keep.  The ones that mock you, are only a hindrance in your improvement and a better walk with God.  Sin is like sugary candy or soda, its sweet right now but it has no value in our diet.  It slowly eats away at us and we start needing more to feed our craving.  Then one day we ask ourselves, how did we get so out of shape/rotten teeth/diabetes/etc or in the case of sin, how did we get so far from God?  We must be careful with the company we keep.

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