Are We Being A False Witness

Does our testimony fall into being a false witness? Are we lying about who we are as a Christian?

A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape. Proverbs 19:5

Going to church is great, being involved in church is great; but for most of us that is just a small portion of our lives. Even if you’re in church, say 5 hours a week, and we sleep 8 hours a day, that means we have 107 hours left in our week.

Why does that matter? Well we all behave quite well when we are at church. It’s easy to behave when we’re in church and we are quite good a playing the part of a good church attender. I figure most of us behave quite well when we are sleeping. So that gives us 107 hours where we are truly showing who we are as a person. (See the series on time: Time, What Are We Doing With It, Who Do You Spend It With)

How often do we post about Jesus/God on social media or wear a shirt that has our church on it, then are out in the world and act just like the world? Being saved doesn’t change that fact that we are sinners. We’re still going to sin, but we should be different in how we act. We should be trying not to be like the world. When we start putting it out there we are Christians, the world starts watching us, to see how we act.

There is the old saying, your character is what you do when no one is around. The same goes for our testimony for Christ, the Christian we truly are is not the person we are at church, it is the person we are when we are out in the world. Playing a good Christian in church is easy, it is not so easy when we are out in the world.

The language we use, the jokes we laugh at, the gossiping we do, the thoughts we have and anger; all get dissected by the world. The world holds Christians to a high standard, sometimes an unobtainable standard. However, we don’t help ourselves with the way we act.

Are we being false witnesses in our daily lives? Those time when other church members are not around, when the preacher is not around, are we acting like we would if they were around.

It is not only how we act when we are in the world, but how we act when things are not going well. It is very easy for us to praise God when our life is going well, but do we praise him when we are in the valley of life. We like to say God is good all the time, but do we mean that? We praise God for how good he is when life is good, but whine and complain to everyone we see when life isn’t good.

If we are consistently a false witness about our Christianity, we will have no testimony. Our ministry that we have will not be fruitful and we can’t expect God to bless us. We cannot hide from the lies we tell about who our real master is: the world or Jesus. God will eventually judge/punish us for our disobedience. Jesus should be our master in the good and bad times. Many times the best blessings come after a season of struggle and we’ve been dedicated to God through those struggles.

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