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What I like about biographies is it’s a way to learn from others struggles, failures, and successes.  How did they work through the problems, manage the situation, or handle the highs and lows.  We can learn so much from others without going through those trials.

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies.  Non-fiction is where it’s at.  I think it’s important to continuously learn and improve and that is why biographies are one of my favorite items to read.  I have a goal to read a biography about every President, and so far I’m at 22 read.  I just started reading, “Hoover” by Kenneth Whyte.  Before I started reading this current book, I read “President McKinley” by Robert W. Merry.  Not a bad read for the most part, I would recommend it.  After reading about a lot of our earlier presidents and some of our founding fathers, I’ve noticed a lot of them had wives that had mental/anxiety issues.  Although, they were not perfect men, it has to be commended that they stayed with their wives when it would have been easy for them to put them away and move on with their lives.  Just because life got hard, they didn’t quit on their marriage, they kept their commitment.  We need more men to say yeah this situation sucks, but these are the cards I was handed and I’m going to make the best of it.  It might not be our spouse, it very well could be our current job, other relationships, health, or some other life issue.  Whining gets us no where, it just wastes time, and time is our most valuable commodity.


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