The other day we got a pretty decent snow. I had the great idea to go out in the middle of the storm to go to the hardware store. I’ve always liked driving in the snow. My wife thought I was a little nuts, but she went along with me.

I feel far more relaxed when the roads have not been plowed and there has been little traffic on the roads. I actually get more nervous when the roads are starting to get cleared. The reason why I like the roads before they have been touched by plows or traffic. . . the roads are consistent.

I know what the roads are like when it’s just snow. Once traffic gets on the road or the plows start clearing the roads, the snow starts getting packed down. The roads get slippery. The roads can have some pavement showing, but all it takes to have an accident is hitting one of those packed down patches of snow. Before you know it, your vehicle is wobbling or spinning, moments later you’re in the ditch or you have crashed into someone.

Life is Like a Snow Packed Road

Life is a lot like a roads with snow patches. We get cruising along and out of nowhere we hit an obstacle and we’re off the road or crashed. We don’t know what to do and life seems to come to a standstill. All the positive momentum we have is gone. All the life things we were focused on go out the window and we’re only focused on our current problem.

So many times in my life things have been going well, and life happens. Plans have to be canceled, due to sickness, deaths, scheduling changes at work, injuries, etc. Unfortunately we never see these things coming and it really shakes up our path in life.

God is Always the Same

In Hebrews 3:18 it says, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.”

I’m so thankful that God is consistent. There is no guessing what is expected from me today verses tomorrow. We have all been around people that their moods swinging pendulum and you never know what kind of mood they will be in. They could be super happy or really mad. It makes us agitated or apprehensive, as humans, we hate to have to constantly guess. We’re creatures of habit.

Have you ever had a boss that has ever changing standards or expectations for you? You have no clue what you need to do, in order to do a good job. God is not like that. What he expected out of the human race 5000 years ago, is the same he expects out of us today. His rules do not change. The standard never changes.

Why is Consistency So Great?

Have you ever had a boss or friend that no matter what happens (good or bad) their attitude doesn’t fluctuate much? They don’t get too excited when things are going really well and lose focus. When things go really bad, they don’t get really mad either and focus on fixing the problem. These type of people keep everyone calm, their emotions don’t dictate their expectations. You feel more relaxed and more willing to tell them the bad news, because there may be some consequences, but you know they’ll be fair and help work through the problem.

God’s judgement is not dictated by His mood, but by his standards. Unlike that road that has snow patches, you don’t have to be tensed up all the time. You know what to expect. There will be no knew rule or standard. His standard and expectations will always be the same.

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