Can We Take Criticism?

Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee.–Proverbs 9:8

It’s easy for us to take praise. Who doesn’t want to hear how great we are? How much do we grow from that though? We need to be criticized from time to time. One it keeps us humble, two it points out areas for us to grow in.

What I’m discussing is constructive criticism, not just trying to berate someone. It’s hard for us to hear we’re not great at everything. It cuts a little. It’s a blow to our ego’s. However, it should fuel us to improve. As management at work I have to give reviews on a quarterly to yearly basis. Some individuals it’s very easy to find where they need to improve, and sometimes you have to hold back because they need to stay focused on working in a couple of areas. Other individuals it is difficult to point a place where they need to improve. I’ve sat there for an hour plus, thinking where a person could improve their performance. I’ve never had one of my better performers get mad that I gave them an area they needed to improve in. Why? Because good performers are always looking to get better. It’s one of the tools I’ve used to find the good performers. Just ask the person, “you want to know how to improve?” Most will say yes, but when they’re enthusiastic about it, those are your good performers.

This is how we should be as Christian men. We should be wanting to get better mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our best today should not be our best tomorrow. We should be asking God to show us where we can be better in our relationship with him. We should be asking ourselves, and friends, where we can improve in our life. We should not be satisfied that today we are good enough. When God shows us where we need to improve, we should be enthusiastic about it!

Are you ready to improve yourself?

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