Don’t Put Away Baby Jesus

baby jesus Christmas
An old Christmas nativity set, with Joseph, Mary, and the baby Christ child in a manger. Animals and visitors also visible in the classic scene. A warm holiday background.

Now that the Christmas season is over, my family has been putting away the Christmas decorations. The living room that was full with the Christmas tree and other decorations now looks bare. The house is not lit up with Christmas lights. It’s now a new year and the focus is on to what is next in our lives. It’ll be another 10-11 months before we start getting back to Christmas.

As I was helping pack up all the decorations, I thought about the focus that is on Christmas. You hear the saying, “remember the reason for the season.” We know that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, that 33 years later he would die on the cross for our sins. The birth of Jesus is portrayed in many churches, with children programs. Many of manger scenes, with the baby Jesus. We talk about the birth of Jesus frequently during the Christmas season.

As we’re putting away our Christmas decorations, lets not forget about baby Jesus. Let’s not forget about the birth that eventually lead to his crucifixion to allow us to be saved. Let’s not quit talking about it. The baby Jesus is just important in January, February, March, etc as it is in December.

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